單晶剛玉 YF3A
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單晶剛玉 YF3A

單晶剛玉 YF3A系列產品



化學成份: Al2O3 98.5%   Na2O0.25%  

  SiO20.50%     Fe2O30.10%

粒度組成: 符合GB2477-2008標準


                單晶剛玉 YF3A系列產品                                                                                                                                    

Monocrystal Corundum YF3A Series

The monocrystal corundum abrasive produced by Yufa Company is prepared using industrial alumina as main raw material, adding composite mineralizing agent developed by Yufa Company and smelting at high temperatures by special process. The abrasive, featured with high hardness good toughness and high temperature resistant is an excellent high-end grinding material.  It can be used to produce high grade cutting and grinding tools, which are suitable for cutting and grinding materials with high hardness and good toughness such as high vanadium high speed steel, austenitic stainless steel and titanium alloy, especially for dry grinding and processing ductile and easily- burnt workpieces. The abrasive can be shaped using high temperature binders, and it is suitable for various grinding tools such as resin, ceramic and coating. It does not fade after high temperature firing.

The YF3A series monocrystal corundum  produced by Yufa Company are grey (see figures below)in color, and the physical properties and chemical compositions are shown as follows:

Chemical compositions: Al2O3 98.5%   Na2O0.25%  

SiO20.50%      Fe2O30.10%

Particle size distribution is in accordance with the GB2477-2008
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